It is so easy to get caught up in a routine and forget to try new experiences, but with a little search into what is available in your local area, you can quickly find things to do that are entirely out of the ordinary and will put a little zest into your life. You never know, you might even find a new hobby that you’ll pick up for the rest of your life. Experience days are not a new concept, but they are becoming increasingly popular. Taste bud experience days allow you to learn a little something about yourself and the world around you as your taste buds are easy to forget and it only takes a little stimulation to awaken distant memories and create new ones. There are opportunities for taste bud experiences across the country, but as you might expect the larger cities offer the most varied and unusual ones.

The Chocolatier Experience

Chocolate Tasting ExperienceWhile chocolate is loved by many, there are few who have the expertise, equipment and ingredients to make it for themselves, let alone some of the delicious truffles and flavours that are available today. Indulging in the chocolatier experience involves learning about the process, from cocoa bean to store, trying out some creations of your own and, of course, tasting some of the most unusual and unexpected creations available. Each experience will vary, depending on where you go, the price and the person leading the class, but that does mean that there is something to suit every budget.


The Cupcake Experience

Cupcake Tasting ExperienceIt would be nearly impossible to miss the cupcake trend that is sweeping the world at the moment, but then again who would want to miss it. Naturally, as with any trend the more people following it, the more opportunities that become available. The cupcake experience can vary from cooking experiences to decorating classes. The cooking experience will test your creativity and palate, giving you the opportunity to mix new flavours and come up with new cupcake sensations. The decorating experience will teach you all of the more specialist tricks to cake decoration, including piping techniques and how to make the perfect buttercream. If you are lucky you might fight yourself being taught by a world famous patissier. Most places will let you take home your creations to share with your friends and family and you usually get the chance to taste a sample of the professionally made cupcakes.

Wine Tasting Experience

Wine Tasting ExperienceWine tasting has been an established activity for centuries and while it was once somewhat exclusive for the upper classes, now it is available to everyone. Experience packages can vary from weekends to an afternoon. Some might include a tour of a vineyard and a lesson on the process of making wine. They will all teach you what to look for in a good wine and how to taste wine effectively. You will then be given the opportunity to put your new skills to the test and enjoy a variation of different wines, discussing your findings with others included on the experience day. Some people have even found themselves investing in their very own vineyard after this tasting experience.

Italian Cookery Experience

Italian ExperienceFor those who don’t have a sweet tooth and prefer the more savoury delights of Italian cookery, this experience day is perfect. There are two forms to choose from; the cookery course and the cuisine tasting experience. The first will teach you all the basics of Italian cuisine, along with an insight into the country’s approach to food and cooking. The second offers you the opportunity to test your established ideas of what is good food, allowing you to experience new and unexpected taste sensations. Many find that this leads to further experimentation in their own kitchens as they are keen to recreate what they have tasted during the experience day. It is the perfect romantic experience and is one that keeps on giving long after the day is over. If you can, try to book with an established, authentic Italian chef. Some take it one step further, travelling to Italy to appreciate the food on Italian soil.

The taste bud experience is one that everyone can participate in and enjoy and with so much variety available, there is sure to be something for everyone, whether they prefer sweet to savoury, or drinks to food. Not only is it a wonderful day out, but you also leave with a little something to take home and share, or keep to yourself for later.

By Neil Sheth

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